10 Mary Scano Drive, Worcester, MA 01605 - 508-754-3800 - info@christopherhouse.com   

Worcester's premier health care facility with programs and resources to meet the variety of healthcare needs of our community. As a SUB-ACUTE CENTER, we are able to meet the care needs of the most medically complex patient in a warm and dignified setting.

Our comprehensive REHABILITATION programs address the needs of our patients and residents - both short or long term.

We remain dedicated to providing exceptional services for our LONG TERM and TRANSITIONAL CARE patients - specialty programs that are designed to enhance the quality of life through a progressive activity program, education and training.

Located in Worcester, with easy access to all hospitals and major highways, CHRISTOPHER HOUSE offers quiet, tranquil surroundings and spacious private and semi-private patient rooms in a comfortable home-like environment.

• General Medical and 24-hours
   Skilled Nursing care
• Physical and Occupational Therapy
• Speech and Language Pathology
• Pulmonary Rehabilitation
• IV Therapy
• Subacute Care
• Transitional Care
• Respite Care
• Long Term Care